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Re: Lucasfilm's "Red Tails" Trailer Now Online

I'll be checking it out, even if Lucas wasn't involved; and been talking up the project it seems forever. The contributions of black soldiers and other soldiers of color in WW2 and many other wars has been sorely lacking in terms of cinematic depictions. I'm interested to see what transpires.

I'm not understanding why people are using the fact that HBO came out with a movie about the Airmen over a decade ago as an excuse not to see this one. So, just because you've watched Saving Private Ryan means you shouldn't watch Flag of Our Fathers or Band of Brothers, for example? No one film can capture the definitive experience of war, or any group of soldiers. Should there never be another film about Native American soldiers because of Windtalkers? I'm curious to see Lucas's take on the history of the Airmen and their exploits.
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