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I liked it. I would rank it second in the current wave of comic movies to X-Men First Class. My major nitpick wasn't having Captain Rogers and his Howling Commandos fighting Hydra instead of the SS but it was almost totally ignoring America's racial segregation.

So instead of Steve Rogers being more heroic in ignoring skin color and American norms when recruiting his team or on war bond tours we had happy smiling integrated audiences, civilian and GIs in Italy just ignoring that fact of history. The only reference we got was Dum Dum Dugan being surprised that Jim Morita was a fellow POW, but given the rest of the actions Morita could have been from any unit and not the segregated 442 RCT and Gabe Jones could have studied at Harvard instead of Howard.
I thought the omission of the racial segregation of the US Armed Forces in the movie was odd as well. I just went with the idea that this special unit of the Armed Forces was integrated, though it still is a little tough to believe they would ever contemplate a non-white soldier receiving the super-soldier serum and being frontline soldiers, unless it was done like in the Truth miniseries, to use minorities as guinea pigs to work out the kinks before the white soldiers got it. In attention to Truth, I liked how the comic Flags of Our Fathers, a Black Panther-Captain America WW2 team-up, handled the issue. It showed Cap as forward thinking and not tolerant of the conventional racial wisdom of that day.

As the movie progressed and became even more fantastical, with all this futuristic Hydra weapons, etc., I just decided to roll with it. Captain America was a very fantasy take on WW2. Did it do a disservice to the character and the war itself? I guess that's a matter of opinion.

It's funny but the way ENT dealt with Nazis came off as more realistic than in Captain America, and they had space Nazis.
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