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Re: What games are you playing currently?

i am done with LA Noire. the fun of being a cop who plays by his own rules (like it's better to drive on the sidewalk) has passed.

so i started up splinter cell: conviction. so far i am not liking the level layout (but i am still really early). i feel like i can never get a sense of the level layout from a safe spot. so i end up kinda running in, shooting guys, alerting other guys, then running away. in the previous games, i could survey the whole area, attack some guys, NOT alert everyone, and move on to strike again... come to think of it, Batman did it beautifully.

there are some really neat touches in SCC though. i like the screen going black and white when you are in shadows, i like the mark and execute system and i like the objective/text overlays they do in the game world.
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