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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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I don't have the video of WNMHGB to hand
There is an interesting shot where Kirk, Spock and Mitchell exit the turbolift onto the bridge and for a moment you can see that the consoles are supposed to appear symmetrical about the forward viewscreen:
This is actually a good shot to look at. Notice that the helm station/captain's chair is pointing to the right of the main viewer. Mitchell's station is actually facing the forward starboard railing...

EDIT: Thinking of a person driving a car... it's almost like someone thought, since the driver (helmsman) is on the left, why not shift the viewer over to the left?

Thanks for the screencaps! I've updated my diagram to reflect the briefly visible station

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They probably move the console out of the way to make room for the cameras.
Agreed on the console next to Spock.

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