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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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In reality both of them were left with closure to the immediate threat, yet open-ended, which is a good way to end a story because it gives the writers the most freedom for the future.
BOBW did NOT give closure to the immediate threat. ALL they did was destroy ONE Cube. That's not closure, that's just barely surviving while the enemy is still out there and still knows where you live and how weak you are.

If all writers followed your logic that our heroes finding a way to kill an enemy means their threat is gone forever, we'd never have any recurring enemies at all.
No, it means that overpowered enemies who depend solely on how overpowered they are, are a BAD idea. The Borg were utterly boring without their overpowered status, which is what the core flaw with them was in the first place.

It depends what "have under control" means. If it means there is only one planet that has ever been raped by the Borg, yes that would be a letdown considering we already know they've been at it for centuries.

However if it means they are actually controlling the world with some type of government... well, in that case I'd be satisfied with them having zero planets under their control.
So, basically you'd be dis-satisfied either way. Typical.

No I wouldn't mind. They could pass through a peninsula of Borg-dominated space and only have to confront one cube.
And then the audience would go "What a rip-off, why did I waste my time with this when I can watch Sisko fight the Dominion every few episodes?" and change the channel.

Or they could do the sensible thing and run like hell at the first sight of Borg.
"What a bunch of spineless cowards. Kirk never ran from any Gods or Planet Killers, and the TNG crew didn't abandon Earth to the Borg but these pansies can't do anything right."

Besides that, though, your argument is already self-defeating. It's based on the assumption that the Borg can't coexist in "claimed" space, yet at the same time you're claiming that they own the entire Delta Quadrant despite the fact that we see other affiliations living there as well.
Again, no-win scenario. They should have either explained that the Delta Quadrant is loaded with species as powerful or more powerful than the Borg and these guys are keeping the Borg at bay (and from launching massive invasions of the other Quadrants) or have them as a constant threat assimilating everyone VOY encounters throughout the show.

Seeing how the audience reacted to the idea that there was even ONE species out there that could fight the Borg (the 8472), having the Quadrant be full of such species would just enrage them moreso. And the second option again just makes the VOY crew a bunch of incompetents for not finding ways to save anyone from the Borg (if they DID find a way of saving them from the Borg, then the Borg are emasculated no matter how well-written it is).

You just can't win.
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