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Re: International Space Station to be decommissioned in 2020?

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...And be half as proud, to be sure.
Seeing the ISS does not make me proud. Seeing photographs of alien objects in the solar system, galaxy and universe makes me proud.
The fact that people have found a way to live for long periods of time in a place where no living thing can survive doesn't make you proud? I look back at the times where a harsh winter was enough to make you worry for survival, and then I look at the station, and hell yeah, I am proud.

Constant human presence in such inhospitable and deadly environment is amazing, and the experience gained there helps us to do the next step.

Photographs of alien objects done by robots would do little to bring you close to a self-sustaining off-world colony. Not that the station has done a lot, but it has done something.
I think the ISS is also the largest man-made object ever to orbit the Earth (and certainly the largest object to be constructed in Earth orbit so far). Definitely a mile-stone in engineering. Which results in valuable experience if we ever going to build further or even larger space stations in the future.

(In a way, the Chinese plans are a step backwards because they're not planning anything which had already been achieved by the Soviet Union and the United States with Salyut/Skylab during the 70s.)

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