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Re: Resistance is Futile: The T.H.U.G. Collective is TRIP-tastic!!

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hey there hr yeah i had computer problems for awhile. and then i bought out a significant portion of the borders near me so been doing lot of reading. though gradually will in here more often. looking forward to seeing connor and the shat,
I wish I could be there. I'd love to meet up with you!
me too. one thing i dont like they dont have name tags.
so didnt know rabid was there . (good photos) to add
he said when they were filming the scene after he and tpol had lost the baby and he goes to see her it was right after when he learned his wife was pregant.and when he was talking about medicine might make it possible for a human and a vulcan to have a child he became overwhelmed. and he couldnt stop for a long while.

he talked about how he switched to acting because he saw he wasnt good enough to become a pro football player. a girl told him about a play and so that is how it started. he said that his coaches and some of the players came to his plays and where very supportive. he said he wanted to transfer to a school in ct just to see how good he was. and he was the only person in the program on student aid.

he talked some about his reaction to being an action figure.. more on that tomorrow. his son still dosnt understand how he is a chirstmas ornament,,

he is trying to decide which episodes of enterprise to show his son and it will be a long while before he sees him as michael on atlantis.he talked a lot about playing michael and how the make up and costume helped to enable him to become this wholly diffferent person.

he feels like he has become a red shirt since in some many of things he has done since enterprise he winds up dying.
he did say right after he left he was going back to start trying out for more work though he is telling them as sfrabid noted he cant run.. perhaps maybe sit behind a desk.

i had to leave right after the talk so i didnt get to see him walking around much but he seemed to be walking well which was good to see.
there is so much more .. for instance he hates the mirror episodes. and when the director he was talking to him on how to play it the director kept on saying more gruff ect and connor said like a pirate and the director said yeah..\so connor did scene like arghargh argh and they kept it and connor was saying no no but the director loved it. snicker.
of course this is when they heard of the cancelation even though they had been expecting it. he said it was a wonder they made it through the remaing episodes.

similitude and shuttle pod one are among his favs.
he felt 9/11 which affected them through part of season one really overshadowed season three.

there is so much more and will try to add more tomorrow.
oh he said even though he watched tos his brother is the real sf/ star trek geek of the family. while he connor was off playing sports his brother was walking along the fence line quietly discussing with friends the trek episode they had seen.

oh one of my friends was the person who asked why did connor become an actor and connor complimented him on his voice.

this thing is at the opryland hotel and connor commented on just how big it was and that it had these jungles and streams inside of it. that it reminded him of silent running (a reaction other sf fans have had) and he expected to see huwey dewey and louie robots out tending to the plants.

i am really fond of this hotel. it was our biggest landmark hit by the flood and when it reopened was a big dance for joy heck with you flood you didnt win moment for the city. will post more tomorrow and will post stuff about coombs in another thread here also.

wish more of you could make it.
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