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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

Before I watched Voyager, I dismissed her as a tool to get ratings. When I started watching the series on DVD and online, she quickly became a favorite character. I liked her tendency to be utterly logical (she was more of a Spock than Tuvok was), and her struggle to explore her humanity. But the main reason I like her character so much....

Is that voice. MAGNIFICENT. I could listen to Ryan and Picardo all day. We were also retreated to it in "The Killing Game", where she opens the episode with "It Can't Be Wrong".

I wish very much she'd venture into singing. I'd buy a CD of hers in a heartbeat. She did a version of "Amazing Grace" in another movie, too. I tend to avoid that song (it's overused, and I'm not religious), but I listen to it again and again just for Ryan's voice.
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