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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Guinan mentions in "Q Who?" that their technology has been developing for thousands of years. We see them scan the Enterprise computers and immediately, they're technology is the better for it, as they proceed to tear the Enterprise a new @$$hole.
Yet they still have to figure out the shield & phaser frequency every time?
Hasn't the tech of the Federation been developing for thousands of years too?
Are the Borg just a mirror of us, if we allowed tech to overrun us? Isn't that why Picard & Janeway both keep talking about that's why individuality is better than the hive mind? Isn't that why we keep finding loop holes in their "superior" technology because they don't think of everything?
Didn't Guinan also mention the more the Federation got used to the Borg, we might be able to learn how to deal with them?
So it was planned back then that we'd be able to be somewhat equal in time.

Hence the title of this thread. Voyager weakened the Borg. There was a tranwarp conduit 1-light year from Earth, with multiple cubes on the other end. What exactly was stopping the Queen from sending those cubes through to assimilate Earth? That's right, writer incompetence.
It isn't writer incompetence.
As a writer and producer, why would you sabotage the future of the Trek universe and you're own job by assimilating Earth and ending any future of Trek?
So again going by what Guinan said, one day the Federation would and can get around the Borg. The writers were following their own canon the whole time.
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