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Re: Resistance is Futile: The T.H.U.G. Collective is TRIP-tastic!!

The Duras sisters opened the show and were pretty good once they stopped singing. They did not get many questions so they each went out into the audience to accost someone. Being a bald man in the front row I was Gwynyth Walsh's target and she bit me on the ear while rubbing my head.

Almost 4 hours later Connor hit the stage as the second and last actor of the day. (Slow night) He was very personable and went over very well. He is not job hunting while recovering from knee surgery and the blood clot. He walks slow and can not run. He mentioned being the voice of NIKE and hinted that anything with Nike pays very well. Good to know he is financially secure while hunting for work. He talked about the Club Med commercial and how strange it was that he never spoke a word in the commercial but agents liked it so much that it was a big selling point on his resume. When asked about his advice to young actors his answer was "Get a degree in something else that you really like to do and be prepared to do it." He said his degree in Fine Arts and Acting was basically worthless except for teaching.

He was very nice during the photo-op and autograph session. I was forth in line for the autograph and got to talk to him for a moment while her personalized my autograph. He enjoys his little Martin travel guitar but when I asked if we would ever hear him play his answer was "Nooooooo. You don't want to hear me play." His eyes lit up both time I mentioned his guitar and I could tell he really enjoys it.
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