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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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The Chronology wasn't published until 1993. That's 6 years after TNG started. So why didn't TNG have a continuity obligation for the first 6 seasons to "conclude" the planet killer like VOY supposedly did with the Borg?
The Chronology was made using existing Trek information, meaning it was already in the show's continuity that TDM was thousands of years old. And the episode it was in already implied that in the first place so there was enough wrap-up aside from Spock's meaningless closing line.

You're selectively ignoring counterarguments again. You're just repeating yourself, while the rest of that paragraph that you conveniently chose not to quote already shot it down.
So you're saying that there were definitely going to be other DMs out there for them to run into?

Anwar wrote:
No it isn't more than they accomplished with the Borg. If being able to kill the enemy fits your criteria of a definite conclusion, then the successful destruction of the cube in BOBW must count as well.
Being able to kill Borg as easily as they learned they could kill the Entity? Yes, that would wrap the Borg up since now they could be killed as easily as the Klingons.

You are truly a master of oversimplification and exaggeration. ONE PLANET is the alternative to A QUARTER OF THE GALAXY?

Hell, the DQ conduit terminus could have merely been a single node in a long flight path leading through every quadrant and/or several other galaxies.
Answer my question, if they only ran into one Borg world in the entire series would you mind?

Therefore the Voyager was not necessarily bound to run into them.
Yes they were, TNG already let us know they were in the Delta Quadrant. And since TOS already said that there was something keeping folks from leaving the Galaxy willy-nilly (the Galactic Barrier), TNG already let us know who was in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, DS9 hoarded the Gamma Quadrant to itself, then that leaves the Borg to the Delta Quadrant in conjunction with prior evidenced. And unless they are utterly half-assed they should rule their home territory. And if they're spread throughout all Quadrants they should constantly be assaulting everyone in all Quadrants for conquest of the Galaxy. This isn't so, seeing all the other shows, so by default they're in the DQ and should rule it.
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