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Re: Lucasfilm's "Red Tails" Trailer Now Online

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
That looks pretty good, but one thing concerns me: "January 20, 2012." That's getting precariously close to the post-Academy Awards season late January/February release dates where studios like to dump films they think are stinkers.
It's an odd time to drop such a film, however I believe that Lucas/Hemingway wanted to release it to coincide with Martin Luther King Day and then run into 'Black History Month' in February, so I don't think it's being "dumped" per se...

The thing I'm a little disappointed in, is that given this has been gestating for over 20 YEARS, Lucas himself isn't directing. This has been a passion of his since college and I find it a touch confuddling that he is not directing himself. Might be an odd thing to say given I feel his work on the SW Prequels to be mind bogglingly bad, yet... I'd love to see if he has another "American Graffiti" or "THX" in him, removed from the grandeur, pomp and expectations of the SW universe.

Still, Hemmingway is a wonderful character director, and given that trailer the action appears to be up to snuff. It's now all down to the story (Lucas) and the script (John Ridley, who is an unknown Movie quantity himself, having spent most of his time writing for melodramatic TV drama).

Guess we'll see in 6 months

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