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Re: Cowboys & Aliens: Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel, DVD **SPOILERS**


-Nowhere near as awesome as "Battle: LA." I know others will disagree. That's just my take.

-Olivia Wilde...SCHWINNNNNGG! (My usual reaction to seeing Olivia Wilde on a widescreen.)

-It's always interesting to actually see Clancy Brown act, as opposed to just listening to a voice-over. That's how closely I associate him with Lex Luthor.

-Daniel Craig was okay. Harrison Ford was better-than-okay. Everybody else was okay-but-not-blowing-my-skirt-up, so I'm forced to return to...

-Olivia Wilde...SCHWINNNNGG!!

-The aliens' "second hands" kept reminding me of something I read in a prose book ages ago, where the chief aliens were small simians with a third hand for precision work.

-It was actually kinda cool the way the alien ship blended into the stone bluffs.

-It was actually uncool the way the thing used conventional rockets for take off. Why not do something UFO-glowy instead?

Now, the thing that I want to know is whether Olivia Wilde appears naked or not.
You only see her from the back and all the fun parts are blocked, but yes, she's nekkid in one scene.
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