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Re: Marisa Tomei: Babe of the week #31 (Aug. 2011)

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Well, I don't think I've ever seen her in anything...

I mean, I can definitely understand that response for a good chunk of the girls posted in these threads (I haven't seen loads of them in anything either), but Marisa Tomei has been moderately high-profile for more than two decades, been in a lot of different movies spanning many different genres, won an Oscar and been nominated for others, has been interviewed zillions of time... you must surely have seen her in something!

Anyway, thumbs up from me; I think she's invented a time machine!

Seriously, even Yoda would have to admit she's held up remarkably well, even if he doesn't give her a thumbs up. Sure, you can see some mild signs of aging around the eyes, arms and knees, but for someone who must be well into her mid-40s at least, it's milder than you would expect. And what's more noteworthy, I don't even think she's had much surgery at all. Or if she has, it's been astonishingly carefully/conservatively done because the photos show at most very, very mild botox effects and no other signs of work, and that's the non-airbrushed/candid ones.
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