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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

Just got back from it here in the UK I think this is by and far the weirdest narrative structure and editing I've seen in a mainstream movie. I mean, it had little to no pacing, stuff just happened, and while nothing happened for the sake of happening, there was by no means any drama in any of the action scenes save for maybe Steve breaking out the prisoners from the Hydra base. The random action montage after he becomes the cap, the Train heist and even the climactic battle all felt flat and uneventful. Also, while I get this isn't "our" universe, the super high tech world of 1940s New York City was just incredibly odd and seemed at odds with the semi realistic worlds of Iron Man, Hulk and Thor. While I get the cosmic cube was the source of all of Hydras superweapons, those random skyscrapers in the new york skyline and hovercars just seemed....dumb. Red Skull never seemed menacing enough, sure, we see him shoot an old dude and order the destruction of a village we never even see, but that was small potatoes for a bad guy who literally has a Red Skull and is a Nazi.

I don't know...Thor was about a bunch of human aliens who live forever in a golden city amonst the clouds and stars, but made a conscious effort to rationalize it's story within our confines of reality and in my opinion nailed it, whereas Captain America was just like "We had flying hover cars and lasers in World War 2. Deal with it."

It was by no means terrible, but It just seemed like it needed a complete overhaul when it came to the story and editing, because I never once had an edge of my seat moment. Sure, we know Cap and Thor would survive their movies because they had to be in the Avengers, but Thor had suspense whereas Captain America just had random fight scenes. Even Bucky's death was emotionless, as Steve saying he can't cry in a bombed out bar 5 minutes later had no effect whatsoever to hammer home he's "dead".

I wanted to like this film, but considering it just ended with no closure on either the 40's plotline or even the modern day one, it was just incredibly weird to watch. The best thing I can say about it was that The Avengers looks quite good.
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