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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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The stuff about the TDM came from the Trek Chronology book (which I think is canon)
Now you're REALLY grasping at straws.

Okay, I'll play along.

The Chronology wasn't published until 1993. That's 6 years after TNG started. So why didn't TNG have a continuity obligation for the first 6 seasons to "conclude" the planet killer like VOY supposedly did with the Borg?

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You said that Spock's uncertainty doesn't compare to Guinan's prediction that they would definitely be coming back.
It doesn't. TDM was never made out to be anything more than a one-shot, aside from that one line at the end that doesn't really change that. The Borg were made out to be much more than a one-shot, and the wrote themselves into a corner by overpowering them so much.
You're selectively ignoring counterarguments again. You're just repeating yourself, while the rest of that paragraph that you conveniently chose not to quote already shot it down.

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But it's still more than anything they could accomplish with the Borg. And the Entity wasn't stupidly overpowered either, killing it was very possible (and happened).
No it isn't more than they accomplished with the Borg. If being able to kill the enemy fits your criteria of a definite conclusion, then the successful destruction of the cube in BOBW must count as well. You haphazardly change the rules to fit your argument.

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So if it turned out that they only had one planet under their control in VOY, you WOULDN'T be utterly let down by that and consider it an "emasculation" of the Borg that they only have one world?
You are truly a master of oversimplification and exaggeration. ONE PLANET is the alternative to A QUARTER OF THE GALAXY?

Besides, it's not only the sheer volume of their territory that's in question here. The point is we had no way to know that it constituted the entire Delta Quadrant. Look at my diagrams again. They could have had controlled an area equal or greater to the size of the Delta Quadrant without encompassing the Delta Quadrant itself. Hell, the DQ conduit terminus could have merely been a single node in a long flight path leading through every quadrant and/or several other galaxies.

Therefore the Voyager was not necessarily bound to run into them. Stop trying to shirk their responsibility to a different show. It was VOY and VOY alone who chose to give the Borg a central homeland at all, let alone put it smack dab in the middle of Voyager's path.

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