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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Is it stated in an ep. that the Borg are upgrading on a faster rate or do we just assume that?
Guinan mentions in "Q Who?" that their technology has been developing for thousands of years. We see them scan the Enterprise computers and immediately, they're technology is the better for it, as they proceed to tear the Enterprise a new @$$hole.

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"Hope & Fear" gave the impression that they don't upgrade that fast. "Dark Frointer" showed that even with assimilated knowledge, they could still be fooled using tech they already knew about. Shouldn't the rotating shields not work anymore or allowing a few Borg to die before they adapt to phaser fire? Borg shields should activate upon the first shot if upgraded, especially since they assimilated Starfleet Engineers with knowledge of all that. If we don't stand a chance, why is the Queen still trying to figure out how to bring down our resistance? Why not just come and take us?
Hence the title of this thread. Voyager weakened the Borg. There was a tranwarp conduit 1-light year from Earth, with multiple cubes on the other end. What exactly was stopping the Queen from sending those cubes through to assimilate Earth? That's right, writer incompetence.

There were some other things brought up in this thread, which I'll address:

1) The Borg didn't kill anyone from that world they assimilated in BOBW. The wording was that they "scooped" everything off the planet. The away team beams down there and we see a giant hole where a city was. So what dead bodies are you (Zar) talking about?

2) Here are 2 maps of the Star Trek galaxy:



So, as you can see, the Federation extends into the Beta Quadrant, explaining that scene in Star Trek: TUC. The quadrant terminology existed as far back as TOS. Canon.
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