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Re: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow Review Thread

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The more I think about it, another problem I have with the book (and this is my own bias not necessary a problem for other readers) is that I think in their current form, Klingons are pretty much played out and that adds to the rather generic feel of the book. It will be interesting to see if the movies takes them in a different cultural direction than we have seen over the last 25 years.
I actually find myself curious about how a Kitumba-style Klingon Empire would have worked out long term. I'll be curious to see how much retconning Phase II does with Kitumba when they produce that script.

I do agree, though, about the Klingons. Only KRAD's Klingon Empire series makes them tolerable for me (but I must agree, I likey his stories!). I really enjoyed Pawns and Symbols... an interesting Klingon journey!

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