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Re: alternate uses outside orbit

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Now why can't this VASIMR engine move the ISS to the edge of the exosphere and just beyond? It can be a total failsafe backup lifeboat if there is some major catastrophe where astronauts cannot land safely on Earth and must need a safety area lifeboat they can attach to returning from a trip beyond Earth's orbit.
A large sunshade can be attached to one side of most of the modules similar to Skylab before 2020 when they abandon human habitation and full power aboard the ISS. Perhaps there can be some standby power module for remote powerup.

Alternately why not move the ISS outside the exosphere to dead space and then Why not make a centrifugal space-station?
or possibly towing it to some high-altitude orbit Space Station around the Moon ? that could also be used as a lifeboat for any future missions to the moon by any countries.
This simple answer to your questions? The ISS is too heavy to do those things. It would cost tons of money.
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