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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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The implication was that their one encounter in "Q Who?" was just the tip of the iceberg and a REAL Borg attack would be far worse.
It was. BOBW was the "REAL Borg attack". This was obvious.

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They believed it was an ancient automated weapon and thus not part of some bigger group. They thought it probable that its creators destroyed themselves eons ago, and that it was probably the only one
All of that came from your imagination. The only thoughts that were actually stated in dialog were:

- it came from outside the galaxy
- it was built by an unknown race
- it was a weapon of mass destruction
- are there more out there?

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Covered this.
Hardly. You said that Spock's uncertainty doesn't compare to Guinan's prediction that they would definitely be coming back. But that prediction was already realized. I'm comparing the uncertainty at the end of BOBW to the uncertainty at the end of TDM, and you changed the rules to compare it to QW instead. Then you changed your argument to say the only suitable conclusion would be completely sealing off the Borg or absolute destruction of their entire race. None of which happened in TDM.

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It's not a hostile lifeform out to destroy humanity, and they developed a method of communication with it.
Hostile or not, it IS out to destroy life, because it feeds on it. Their attempt at communication was a failure.

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So the Dominion can rule the Gamma Quadrant, but it's absurd for the Borg to rule the Delta Quadrant. Is that it?
You're not saying the Borg could rule the Delta Quadrant, you're saying they absolutely must based on the fact that a single point of their territory happens to be there and that the audience would be confused and outraged if it turned out any other way. THAT is absurd.

You seem to have forgotten what we're arguing about. I'm not saying they couldn't have ruled the entire quadrant, I'm saying it was one possibility out of many. You're saying it was the only possibility, in a vain attempt to blame TNG for locking VOY into writing stories that were -- as you claim -- inherently flawed. You painted yourself into a corner by making that claim.
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