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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

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A television series has a lot more latitude for plot points and character development. You are on a tight leash (for lack of a better term) with the structure of a feature film.
Cap is a comic book hero. You have nothing but latitude. I mean you can literally have Cap going to the Moon to fight the Evil Nazis Gerbil and his flatulence ray. As for character development, that's the whole point. It was rushed in the movie and very little will be done in The Avengers.

Secondly you are factoring in the comics way too much with your argument. We all know that film adaptions restrain themselves with how much source material they are able to use for the reasons I stated above: plot points, time restraints, etc.
I'm just using the comics to shows that it was done differently and there was no ill effects.

I don't know why you bring up Civil War with your argument about Tony.
My point is that Tony and Thor are more than capable of discerning Right and Wrong at this point with the basic plot Marvel has set up. Cap is really important when there is moral ambiguity (you know Civil War) and I doubt Marvel will ever get that far.

Dismissing what Marvel wants is not a logical reason for arguing that they should have gone with a trilogy before introducing him in "Avengers 2" or whatever.
But one can criticize Marvel for missing a golden opportunity. Like I said, their plan for Avengers was just too inflexible. I think Cap (and you can also apply this to Thor) would benefit from the extra development a sequel can bring.
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