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Re: PROBERT in need of a little help-

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The registry matters to me because we've never seen new ships get old registries unless it's a renaming. In any case it doesn't matter which pod he choses because FC mucked it up.
Trust me, I've done my homework about this. There are Excelsiors with registries of 4XXXX, while the Ambassadors never get beyond 2XXXX, despite the fact that the former ship is older than the latter. Also, the brand-new Prometheus has a registry of 5XXXX (just like the FC ships) even though logically it should have a registry in the high 7XXXX's. The 5XXXX Pegasus was only 12 years old as of the final season of TNG, even though chronologically it should have had a higher registry. So no, registry numbers aren't always chronological to build times.

You can shrug all you want, but it doesn't make it any less true.

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This one?

Looks like it, yeah. This is the Fact Files rendition:

Whether that's "Defiant-like" is debatable.
Yep, that's what I'm talking about. I've compared both pics, and they look similar enough to me, and enough proof that the Norway wasn't built in the 2350's or early '60's like its registry would suggest.
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