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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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That's extreme. One little speed advantage out of one ship designed for speed and now the Entire Collective is a bunch of wussies?
Given the audience-reaction to VOY, apparently yes.

That's exactly what did in BOBW so there "emasculated" anyway.
Yeah, and it was only in VOY that anyone whined about it. Double standard.

That's not what I suggested though.
The Klingon situation would have spread to the point it affected humanity and Earth too. Plus the characters all had histories with the Klingons so we can connection there as well.

The VOY crew had NO connection to ANYONE in the DQ, nor would anything happening in the DQ have any effect on Humanity's well-being.

We never saw that ship again. and even after Voyager showed us the Borg again in Scorpion they didn't show the Transwarp tech either.
Actually, we did see that Borg ship again in VOY on a screen readout.

]Yeah, Q said as much that they will out last your reserves, no power limitations like Federation ships are known to have.
They had also already been to the Federation before when they attacked the Neutral Zone. Simple explanation is that they used a Transwarp Conduit.

DS9 did exactly the same as VOY because it all came from one persons...(the two that are one) Brannon and Berman.
Not that I disagree with your criticism of DS9, but it was Ira Behr and Ron Moore who were more in charge of that stuff for that show.
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