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Re: Supernatural Season One

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Mary's reaction to both of her sons in "Home" makes absolutely perfect sense in light of one certain much later episode. Not just her reaction to Sam, her reaction to Dean as well. Watch it again.
Interesting... I'm not there yet, but I'll keep an eye out when I get there.
Okay, I just watched this last night, and... I don't really get what you're saying here. I didn't see anything especially noteworthy. She looks at both her sons, says their names in what seemed like the same way (basically, "my boys! look how you've grown up! I miss you"), and yes she says "I'm sorry" to Sam, which in retrospect is about his connection with Azazel and what will happen to Sam in the future. But I didn't catch anything particularly about Dean.

As a side note, I noticed how Sam's superpowers aren't very consistent either.

Starting right from the beginning, Sam's superpower is prophetic dreams and premonitions. He also apparently psychically senses the presence of a spirit in the house. That's all well and good, and is maintained consistently through the first two seasons. In one ep of season 2, if I recall correctly (not up to that point yet in the rewatch), he also displays a hint of telekinetic ability. Again, all well and good - it demonstrates growing powers, which is exactly what Azazel wants so that he can contain Lucifer.

Then in season three, there's no mention of superpowers at all. It's forgotten about in favour of other concerns. But then in season 4, suddenly his superpowers have grown to the point where he can forcibly remove demons from a host body and destroy them. I guess I can see that building out of the brief hint of telekinesis we saw in season 2, especially enhanced by Ruby's demon blood. But what does it have to do with prophetic dreams? Nothing as far as I can see. So why was that the first manifestiation of his abilities?

It kind of reminds me of Chiana's ever changing powers in Farscape. Each one made sense in the context it was used in at the time, but then why start off with something different, only to have to change it later on? I guess I understand that these things happen in TV production, but what would be the in-show explanation?
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