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Re: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow Review Thread

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^ I actually really like how harsh you are with your reviews. It's nice to read clear, well thought out opinions that aren't just positive. It bummed me out a little when Destiny seemed to chase you away for a while.
I actually tend to be less critical about tie-in fiction than original fiction because of the limitations of the form so when I say it's average, I mean it's average against other Star Trek books.

My biggest problem with the book, as mentioned above, is how clichéd Valeris's motivation is - it relies on not one but two over-used concepts within fiction - that of
. It's all makes perfect sense but it's been used so many times in the past, it's just retreading old ground. I can understand why those choices were made as it allows the character to move towards some form of redemption but truthfully it would have been fresher if the writer had moved the character in a different direction where she didn't give a shit about redemption.
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