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Re: Cowboys & Aliens: Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel, DVD **SPOILERS**

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Not to distract the conversation too far from the film, but I'm curious as to where this is supposed to take place. And let me preface that, yes, I know it's fiction.

I don't know much about the comic, but the Wiki page says SC, Arizona. Some of the film's info pages say Arizona and some say New Mexico.

Historically, the NM territory which consisted of NM, AZ, and parts of UT and CO was divided on a north/south or UN/CON axis during the war. But after the war, the territories were divided into pretty much the present day states which puts Silver City was back in New Mexico. The film takes place a decade after the war. And, as far as I know, there is no Silver City AZ--at least not one with any significance.

I was just wondering if anyone knew as I'm a bit of a NM historian--not to suggest this has anything to do with history.
After a quick browse of the Wiki page for the comic, the story seems almost entirely different from the movie. And while I don't know if they made it clear that it took place in New Mexico or Arizona (the wiki says Arizona, though I thought New Mexico...), I do remember that it took place in Absolution and not Silver City. And neither New Mexico nor Arizona seem to have an Absolution.

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That was fun. It was really fun. I was smiling the entire way through it. An A from me.

It had Cowboys, and it had Aliens. And it was nice to see Indiana Solo back in action.

Not a great film, but I had a lot of fun.
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