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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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And now the Borg are "emasculated" because now the feds can out-run them.
That's extreme. One little speed advantage out of one ship designed for speed and now the Entire Collective is a bunch of wussies?

And the Borg are "emasculated" for letting the Feds damage them to the extent they could escape.
That's exactly what did in BOBW so there "emasculated" anyway.

And the show is over.
Only if you don't have any imgination beyond that point. It might be just the begin. Perhaps the worse thing that happened to Voyager was Trek Fans with no imagination, either that or writers with no imagination.

The Klingons are tied to the human race in terms of consequences and politics. There is NOTHING tying the VOY crew to anyone in the Delta Quadrant.
That's not what I suggested though.

They had to have gotten that ship from somewhere, and the Borg with Hugh had to have come from somewhere as well.
Somewhere implies an unknown factor.
We never saw that ship again. and even after Voyager showed us the Borg again in Scorpion they didn't show the Transwarp tech either.

Picard says in BOBW that for the Borg Cube to get from System J-25 to the Federation so soon, they must have superior power and propulsion.
Yeah, Q said as much that they will out last your reserves, no power limitations like Federation ships are known to have.

Imagine if DS9 made one Dominion Bug Fighter strong enough to blast past Starfleet and get to Earth.
What DS9 did was take ridiculous enemies and pitted them against valiant heroes. DS9 is stuipd. How many times did the Founders let intregal people survive when they could have killed them and have been done with it? How many times did they capture instead of destroy? Fans pay more attention to the Borg in Voyager but senselessly praise DS9 as though we were all watching 24 or something. DS9 did exactly the same as VOY because it all came from one persons...(the two that are one) Brannon and Berman. Pointing it out in Voyager's match ups against the Borg and then point to DS9 just makes DS9 look idiotic and Voyager Smarter than it is because at least Voyager kept the match up in the technology and not in the FLAGGING Common Sense of Changelings and Vorta.

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