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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

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The Avengers only lasted a full three issues before Captain America showed up. For all intents and purposes, he is a founding member.
You could argue that Cap help make the Avengers popular but making him a founder is just wrong. He was not in issue #1. By your logic that would make Abraham Lincoln a Founding Father. Also the Hulk leaves after the first issue, which also by your logic means he shouldn't even be in the Avengers.

Anyways, he's probably more closely identified with the team than even Thor and Iron Man are. And you can't have a multi-million dollar blockbuster Avengers movie without Cap. Not because of a mere three issues.
You can still have Cap in a later Avengers movie but the point is more Cap movies set in WWII which I think would be better than him in the Avengers. I'm beginning to agree with people that Marvel is being too strict with their plans for the Avengers. They could easily wait and have a few more sequels for Iron Man, Cap and Thor and maybe bring in Ant man and Wasp. No one is exactly screaming out for an Avengers movie RIGHT NOW.
Marvel thinks of him as a founder. So do people "in-universe" in the MU.

There nothing to prevent Marvel from producing more Cap movies set in WWII.
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