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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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Kirsten, IMHO, Children of the Storm is the best Star Trek novel written in the history of the franchise. Your grasp of the characters of Voyager and the ideals at the core of the Federation is a breath of fresh air. To echo others on here, this really is a wonderful piece of writing and puts Star Trek back where it belongs.
Again, words fail to express the profound gratitude I feel when I read praise like this. Really, thanks so much.

Just because you haven't figured out what you need to say yet, doesn't mean you may not be a writer. In time, you might be surprised. Apparently I wanted to write, even as a young child...though I don't remember the specific desire at the ages I apparently expressed it...but it was about 10 years of writing all kinds of things before I figured out how to do it in a way that actually expressed through dramatic action what I was trying to say.

And that's just one kind of writing. What I've read of you here leads me to believe that at the very least, you've got some essays in you.

Yeah, I like Neelix too. I get why others don't, but when I re-watch the show...Mortal Coil comes to mind for me, too...I'm often surprised by how much more I like him now than perhaps the first time I was watching the show. And his growth in the show, particularly by the end, is what I get to play with now, which is more fun than early Neelix who was still looking to find his place.

Many thanks.

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