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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Guinan said that they swarmed through her home system, and One Cube is not a "Swarm". She also said they come "in force", again One Cube out of millions is not "In Force".

If it had been the Unicomplex itself coming to attack Earth, and they ended up destroying it THEN there'd be suitable wrap-up because they essentially took out the Borg Homeworld.
Unicomplex? What unicomplex? That concept wasn't invented until VOY. The cube could have been the equivalent. Guinan didn't say anything about cubes. The cube could have been the mothership which launched the swarms.

Guinan said "when they come, they'll come in force... they don't do anything piecemeal... when they left, none of my people were alive." The intro to BOBW is in line with this. They find a planet that the Borg attacked, everyone is dead. The admiral says "we've known this was coming for a year." It was quite obviously the sequel to Q Who and the conclusion of that arc.

And you still haven't responded to what I said about TDM. For some reason, you say the only "suitable wrap-up" would be the complete, unambiguous wiping out of the entire species, but this mysteriously isn't a requirement for any other similar stories. When has this ever happened with other powerful beings or technology? Whether there were more planet killers was still up in the air.

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Why should we have assumed that their area of influence was confined to, and fully encompassing, the Delta Quadrant -- an area of space whose borders are defined by nothing but the result of dividing by four??
Because that's how Trek does things and divides Huge Empires. Story conceit and if VOY doesn't follow that it just infuriates the unpleasable audience even more.
Okay, you've lost me.
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