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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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You haven't countered Guinan's own insights into the Borg not fitting what happened after BOBW,
Yes I have.
Guinan said that they swarmed through her home system, and One Cube is not a "Swarm". She also said they come "in force", again One Cube out of millions is not "In Force".

If it had been the Unicomplex itself coming to attack Earth, and they ended up destroying it THEN there'd be suitable wrap-up because they essentially took out the Borg Homeworld.

Why should we have assumed that their area of influence was confined to, and fully encompassing, the Delta Quadrant -- an area of space whose borders are defined by nothing but the result of dividing by four??
Because that's how Trek does things and divides Huge Empires. Story conceit and if VOY doesn't follow that it just infuriates the unpleasable audience even more.

Of course I didn't counter that. It's not an argument.
Yes, it's the core of VOY's problems.
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