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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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...or it could have ended with Voyager out running the Cube
And now the Borg are "emasculated" because now the feds can out-run them.

...or it could have ended with Voyager finding a way for Cube to lose speed
And the Borg are "emasculated" for letting the Feds damage them to the extent they could escape.

...or it could have led to Voyager being captured...
And the show is over.

Is that the reason why they did so many episodes with Voyager being destroyed because it had happened so many times before that the audience found it boring?
They hated everytime they did THAT too, so to do that AND tie the Borg to it would be a double no-no.

I don't agree.
People care a out the Klingons. That's why TUC worked.
The Klingons are tied to the human race in terms of consequences and politics. There is NOTHING tying the VOY crew to anyone in the Delta Quadrant.

We don't know that.

We don't know that either.
They had to have gotten that ship from somewhere, and the Borg with Hugh had to have come from somewhere as well.

Picard says in BOBW that for the Borg Cube to get from System J-25 to the Federation so soon, they must have superior power and propulsion.

Why? You've said this before but not to much explanation.
It makes them too hard to re-use.

Imagine if DS9 made one Dominion Bug Fighter strong enough to blast past Starfleet and get to Earth.
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