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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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TNG itself was unable to come up with a better story than BOBW. "I, Borg" and "Descent" were the only Borg stories afterwards and neither were that good.
I enjoyed both of them. I, Borg was preachy. about the rules of war and what is justifiable...about conscience and empathy. Descent was about consequence, they finished up the I Borg story line. They were good decent episodes in my book clearly not meant to surpass BOBW.

VOY didn't choose a "safer story" with the Borg, there just wasn't any way to tell a more "extreme" story in the first place.
Sure it was the safe route. Voyager never actually battled a Cube in a pitch contest. VOYAGER NEVER RAN FROM A BORG SHIP. There NEVER was any sort of Chase scene involving the Borg and Voyager. You really think these were the obvious eventualities between the many Borg encounters and Voyager? Not once was Voyager ever Boarded or taken over by the Borg. May I remind you that the Kazon actually DID take over Voyager...They managed to catch and restrain Voyager...but the Borg Could not? With the SAD and Pathetic way Voyager's writers wrote it's two part episodes there was a millioni and one ways to write a more extreme story.

They couldn't up the ante from BOBW since they were in the Delta Quadrant and not home, and no one would give a damn if they had a story about VOY saving the DQ from the Borg.
You could have had a Borg Invasion of any of the ALpha or Beta Quadrants that Voyager would be on the other side of. A lot easier to come up with these ideas that you're making it sound.

No, the TNG writers themselves came up with the idea that the Borg were from the Delta Quadrant.
Galactic Quadrants weren't established until DS9.

They invented the Transwarp conduits and gave the Borg superior travel power.
That was given to the Rebel Borg. Even in Scoprion of Voyager the Cube is STILL USING WARP DRIVE and this is well after TNG. Why would they be using mere warp when the enemy had no problem at all with catching bORG Cubes.

They KNEW the Borg could travel fast already, they mention it in BOBW!
We've only seen a Cube travel at Warp 9.6

Like I said, TNG overpowered the Borg too much and did too little to wrap up this plot point.
Proof is in the putting. Method defeated the Borg not power. IF Power were as much as a consideration as you make it out to be they there should have been repeated use of power vs power with the Borg with the Hero's constantly losing that fight. That doesn't happen in TNG.

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We had quadrants actually. The first mention of the Beta Quadrant goes way back to TOS when the Romulan Neutral Zone was introduced, and the others were discussed when those Ferengi went through that wormhole to the Delta Quadrant.

But yes, nobody knew where the Borg came from, which is why DS9 had considered having them come from the Gamma Quadrant.
I remember they mentioned quadrants but not Galactic Quadrants. TOS threw around the words sector and Quadrant pretty loosely. It wasn't untill maybe Star Trek TUC that there was even the smallest inking that this quadrant thing was Galactic but that's by interpretation, DS9 was the first time the word Quadrant was applied and explained in a Galactic reference and distance. EVEN TUC made being in the Alpa Quadrant no big deal when Excellsior needed to get to the conference in the Beta Quadrant.
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