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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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They didn't expect us to believe that.
They still should have done SOMETHING more than just leave it like that.

Nor did the fact that it was open-ended require follow-up invasions.
That wouldn't fit what Guinan said about them.

Yet they tried. They deliberately tried to do something that was, according to you, obviously completely hopeless and nobody would give a damn about, and kept doing it.
Yeah, they hoped that even though it was hopeless that folks might show some compassion and enjoy the stories regardless. I commend them for thinking they could please the unpleasable audience.

All this tells us is that the Borg have a way of traveling between the AQ and DQ.
If they were from the Alpha Quadrant, they'd have already tried to conquer the Alpha Quadrant first before moving onto the Delta Quadrant. Since they don't rule the AQ, then they're from the DQ and rule that area.
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