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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

The purpose of the panel was, my attempt, futile though it seems to have been, to make sure that the Janeway fans, and those who felt strongly otherwise, had a chance to air their concerns directly to someone who is really connected to the process and hopefully that in addressing their specific questions I could offer some fresh insight into the process for them. I kept hearing for so long that no one was listening to them, and that troubled me. I wanted to make sure they knew that I was listening, even if I haven't yet been able to write a story that they find appealing.


Hi Kirsten

Apologies as I havent been able to listen to your panel all the way through yet so if what I am about to say goes over old ground I apologise.

I absolutely love your Voyager novels, I'm a huge fan of Janeway and I would love to see her back in trek fiction but please do not think for one moment that you have not written a story that I can find appealing.

Your characterisation is spot on and your imaginative, challenging, emotional stoylines have been a pleasure to read. Ive read a lot of trek fiction. Ive always been a fan of Peter David's TNG work in particular for many, many years. But you may well be my new favourite trek author....sorry Peter I bet he's just going to be gutted when he hears that...

The death of Janeway has given the opportunity to explore the other characters in a unique and fascinating way (for example watching Chakotay unravel so spectacularly, he's always - well nearly always- been the calm, rational and moral focus of Voyager - your books are probably the material Beltran always craved when on the show).

If I have one gripe, and it is really only one - I can accept the death of Janeway for the reasons outlined above but did the powers that be have really have to do it in a next generation novel. Its like taking Picard to the DS9 novels and killing him off there!

I can also accept the death of janeway because, lets be honest, this is sci fi. And the reason I love sci fi so much is that we can always bring people back from the dead (or the continuum....)

Since Janeway's death the Voyager characters have grown so much in their own right. Just imagine how interesting it would be to bring her back into this new dynamic. Not that I am trying to influence your future writing in any way shape or form. Really. Honest.

Anyway enough of my rambling. Kudos to you for the panel, as a mere fan its fascinating to get an insight into world of trek lit. I shall go and listen to the rest of it now.


p.s so voyager novel....2012?
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