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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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If TNG expected us to believe that BOBW was the end of the Borg threat, then they really either think we're idiots or they needed to work harder. Because BOBW really just left us with a "Great, they just barely beat back ONE attack. What now?"
They didn't expect us to believe that.

Nor did the fact that it was open-ended require follow-up invasions.

It's the same as the planet killer. They destroyed ONLY ONE and had no idea who built it or if there are more of them.

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No one would give a damn about VOY doing anything to save the inhabitants of the DQ from the Borg, meaning they had no chance of doing a story equal to BOBW.
Yet they tried. They deliberately tried to do something that was, according to you, obviously completely hopeless and nobody would give a damn about, and kept doing it. So they must have been idiots. You're supposed to be defending these people, remember?

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TNG said they came from the Delta Quadrant in "Descent". So by DS9 season 2 they did know.
All this tells us is that the Borg have a way of traveling between the AQ and DQ.

The conduit in TNG only revealed a SINGLE POINT that belongs to the Borg.

Why does having a single point in an arbitrary division of space necessitate that a ship lost anywhere within that arbitrary division encounter them? If the galaxy were only divided into halves, and the conduit exited into the Beta Half, then anyone in that half must encounter the Borg?

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