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Re: PROBERT in need of a little help-

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Be warned that the Triangular Life Boats have been featured on ships which Mike Okuda designated by registry as much Older than the Galaxy Class such as the Akira.
Actually, it's still debatable whether ships like the Akira are older than the Galaxy class (based on chronological registries), or much newer (based on the design of the ship itself). I myself have been flip-flopping on this issue for years. Presently I'm of the opinion that all four of the FC ship types are new as of FC, even if only because the underside of the Norway class is identical to the Defiant class.

And the registries of the FC ships were not made by Mr. Okuda. They were made by ILM's VFX department (the same guys who made the names/registries for the Kelvin-kitbash fleet in Star Trek '09).
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