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Re: Star Trek: From Risa With Love--An Adventure Of Dr. Julian Bashir

^Thank you, Nasat--very much!

I'd say you're spot on, too, on Bashir spinning his inner conflict.

I think, seeing as how the first three months of his relationship with Ezri--the time span before Avatar--Ezri kind of was a conscience for him, as I showed in "Annihilation Fantasies", when she helped him sort out what had happened in "Extreme Measures".

As for Sloan--I suppose I've always liked the little undercurrent I felt in the last scene in "Inter Arma...", and the "family" scene in "Extreme Measures" where Sloan "thanks" Bashir. By that I mean...behind the bravado and conflicts between them--there was a kind of connection between them. Sloan understood Bashir--which was how he'd been able to manipulate him. And Bashir understands some sense. I can't seem to shake the idea that, somehow...there was a time when Sloan wasn't that much different from Julian--but something tragic happened, to change him into the harsh, pragmatic cynic we see in DS9 (see my "Passing Of Value").

In a sense...Sloan is almost a "dark side" to Bashir--and he represents the darker elements of Bashir's soul. Frankly, I'd say the moment near the end of Abyss (when the "Sloan Voice" asks, "So, Doctor...what did you learn?") supports this notion.
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