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Re: What games are you playing currently?

In terms of long-term play since January I've been working my way through the Grand Theft Auto series on the PS2. I think I posted way back on this thread that I was playing San Andreas. It took me more than 3 months to complete. I went on to Liberty City Stories and am now about 1/3 of the way through Vice City Stories. I have Grand Theft Auto III and the original Vice City, but am undecided if I'll play them right away as I do have a few PS2 games in the queue including From Russia with Love and True Crime Streets of LA I want to play.

I'm also interested in getting a PS3, but am still being put off by the price and according to the gaming store I went to yesterday the current PS3 won't play PS2 games (but will play PS1 which is odd), so that's actually a bigger deal breaker as I have a number of PS2 games I want to finish first and I really don't want the hassle of multiple machines. Still, I future-proofed myself a bit by picking up a used copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for PS3 so when I get there I won't run into the "it's no longer available" syndrome. I just hope the PS3 games I really want to play: Portal 2, LA Noir, Duke Nukem and the new Tomb Raider - won't be tied to some online requirement which may or may not still be available when I get round to getting a PS3 (I read the fine print on GTAIV and as long as I don't want multiplayer it doesn't need a net connection).*


* Why I care: aside from the fact I'm not a fan of online gaming for various reasons, here in Canada IPs are still threatening Internet usage caps. By the time I get a PS3 we'll probably have to have credit card swipers on our cable modems.
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