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Most likely both. From when I recall, since it started over with a new number one it's been relatively dreadful. I have heard very little good about it. It started with Allan Heinberg who isn't a bad writer, but it suffered from event fatique and spent a lot of time with a mystery I didn't care about (and not many people did). Then you had Jodi Piccoult write an arc, which people were excited about (she's a big bestselling writer and she was the first woman to write an extended run). She ended up writing five issues and it was leading from one event to the other. Definition of filler. Then there was a bunch of guest writers until Gail Simone took over. Simone is a rather well regarded writer, but this is considered far and away her worst work. Then JMS took over at 600 (renumbered) and apparently his arc has been relatively meandering and he jumped ship leaving it to Phil Hester to finish it up to the reboot. I hear it's picking up, but is it really worth it when it will be gone next month.

If you want to read Wonder Woman, Rucka's run which closed out Volume 2 (195ish-226) or take a gamble and pick it up in September. Brian Azzarello is a fantastic writer, who usually does crime noir, so this will probably be a very unique take on the character.
What about Perez's run? The only issue they have from V.2 are the first 24 from 87-88.

I've decided to start Fables, and I was wondering where the best place to read the spinoffs is? I know Jack of Fables starts after the storyarc with him in Hollywood, but what about the Cinderella books, 1001 Nights of Snowfall and Pete & Max?
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