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Re: PROBERT in need of a little help-

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Wow, lots of responses already... thanks.

Was the battle of Wolf-359 featured in DS-9 as well?... since I didn't watch that show. If it were me (painting for myself) I would only use the lifeboats from the Galaxy Class / TNG-era ships; the boxy ones. But, again, I wanna cover all the bases.

Thanks again,
To Mr. Probert.

Be warned that the Triangular Life Boats have been featured on ships which Mike Okuda designated by registry as much Older than the Galaxy Class such as the Akira. So could use any of them and these are the 3 types we've seen

Voyager, Defiant and Galaxy. (These hide under the hull and pop out through a flip open hatch.)

Sovereign Class Enterprise and Akira: (These are exposed on the hull and slide out of their holes)

Miranda: Reliant and Saratoga (These were launched straignt from the Shuttle bay at high speed)

Procedure for Retrival:
1. Transport direct to shuttle bay
2. Pods and Shuttle are lined up to the back of ship by use of tractor beams. The External Beams transfer control of the escape pod to an internal beam stationed within the shuttle Bay which sets the craft gently on the deck. Usually The internal tractor beam in the bay takes over before the craft passes through the shuttle bay force-field.

The Best Shuttle Bays to use for an interior shot is the Main Saucer Shuttle Bay of the Galaxy, Nebula and the Sovereign Class ship. Big and Roomy and we've not seen much of the inside of them so artist license needed. We've also have never seen the inner shuttle bays of the Space Dock either (up close)

For a Tug. Treat the Image like an SAR mission (Search and Rescue) These missions are usually of the escort variety to protect the Tug.

Wolf 359 (if that is the battle we're seeing the after math of) is a red drawf star with an orangish hue
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