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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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TNG already finished the Borg as an enemy anyways with BOBW.
There were two more situations afterwards concerning the Borg. I don't really understand this declaration.

There was no way for VOY to top that story since no one would give a damn about the inhabitants of the DQ in comparison to Earth, and all of TNG's post-BOBW stories about the Borg weren't that good either.
That's more to do with a lack of imagination. Voyager chose a safer story concerning the borg. That you could say but to say "there's no way to top" BOBW means you simplly have an exceedingly high view of BOBW. Obviously subjective but I can tell you I've seen much better moments in TV and books and Movies than BOBW with matching acclaim. If Voyager had chose a Dark Knight route Matrix route for the story your voice would be in such a small minority as to not be perceptible. Every story has already been told.

The problem was that TNG left it too open-ended after BOBW, when it should've been made more clear what their intentions were. Either make it clear they're going to keep coming back, or contrive some explanation for why they wouldn't.
They hadn't even established Galactic Quadrants at this time. Where the Borg came from was completely up in the air. At no point did we get any information to tell us that the Borg were a clear and present danger other than the two incursions.

Voyager was the one that added all the transwarp drive, and transwarp corridors so that Voyager could simply catch a ride home. If Star Fleet had any indication that the Borg could travel as fast as they did in Voyager they would be a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the Federation. OF COURSE what Voyager did with the Borg in this area was absurd. Transwarp Borg wasn't even in First Contact. In FACT even in Scorpion the Borg were still using warp. Read G2K's (Darkstar) Star Wars vs Star Trek Tech Assessment for his thoughts on these developments. In any case it's clear that if the Borg had this tech then invading the Federation should have been par for the course.
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