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Re: PROBERT in need of a little help-

Thank you. Continuing in that same M.O., this painting will depict rescue & clean-up operations that would have taken place after the battle, featuring a never-before-seen StarFleet Salvage Tug.

The idea of developing a Deep Space Tug (like today's US Navy Ocean-going Tugs) actually came from a fan two years ago and I've been playing with it ever since. This idea was intriguing because it would challenge me to design a new ship & place it (them) in a setting with lots of other stuff to look at.

As for the Life Boats,... my original intention for the square design, first seen on the Galaxy Class, was to create a space-efficient shape that would fit nicely between compartments (rooms). They would be placed in groups along corridors, each with it's own door. Upon entering the door.... (I'm trying to remember now) there would be four (maybe six) closely-stacked contoured couches on either side, into which escapees would climb. The external 'cover' would blow off and the boat would be launched away. At a pre-determined distance, the boat would expand into it's final rectilinear shape, telescoping the cabin to a more comfortable size for it's occupants.

Since no script called for their usage during the first season, no more thought was given to them. Then after I left the show, their final development was up for grabs. As it turned out, lifeboat shapes became un-standardized (illogical to my mind), as subsequent ships came to fruition.

Thank you all for the really great input,

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