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Damar...and other Star Trek stuff

I do a lot of Star Trek related art, probably more than my Harry Potter friends would like lol, but anyway, I just finished this one of Damar. There are errors in it, obviously, but I was pleased enough with it to post it. Along with the link below, I also have a list of a few others below it. (this is also my deviant page.)

Corat Damar

The others
Kai Cevdak
Kai is an original character in a role play I did. The model is an actress from 300, I think her name is Lena Headey.
Original Unnamed
WWE fans, look closely at the face!!! You may recognize what somebody is cookin'......
Also an original character from an rp, one of mine is married to him. I'm thinkin' she's a lucky girl, haha.

Anyway, I'll update this thread when I do more. Thanks for looking!
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