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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Why should we have assumed that their area of influence was confined to, and fully encompassing, the Delta Quadrant -- an area of space whose borders are defined by nothing but the result of dividing by four??
I'm not.
They've stated once the Borg are present in all four quads.
OK, scratch "confined to". Why does having a single point in an arbitrary division of space necessitate that a ship lost anywhere within that arbitrary division encounter them? If the galaxy were only divided into halves, and the conduit exited into the Beta Half, then anyone in that half must encounter the Borg? This is what Anwar is claiming -- that the writers had no choice but to have Voyager go through Borg Central, just because it was the Delta Quadrant.
I agree with him and as far as I'm aware, so did many fans.
I recall fans asking as far back as season 2, if Voyager would encounter the Borg because they were in their quad.?
So yeah, if the viewers were asking for them and them being popular villains, I would think in the writers would feel obligated to write them in. Why wouldn't it be in the back of your mind that a ship(even just one), stuck in the DQ might encounter them?
If you were one ship alone in the Beta Quad., you wouldn't expect to come across the Romulans?
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