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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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^That's why I said "wrapped up" in quotation marks. I'm not saying they are, but according to Anwar's criteria they are: If the planet killer is considered wrapped up after TDM, then the Borg can be considered wrapped up after BOBW.
Honestly, you both are arguing semantics on that one because you're both right. It was an open ended conclusion, so at the time of BOBW it was 50/50 either way.
You're not following this conversation. That WAS my point -- it's open-ended, just like the planet killers and all those other examples of high tech or powerful beings.

The problem is Anwar's own semantics doesn't agree with itself. He says BOBW didn't "wrap up" the Borg, but TDM did "wrap up" the planet killers. You can't have it both ways.

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Nobody said the Borg were spread all over the DQ, therefore there was no continuity obligation to encounter them there.
We shouldn't have to be told, we learned about conquers in history class. We know the Borg look for tech, people and information to grow and assimilate. How would you find all that if you didn't send your armies(cubes) out into space looking for it? So yes, one should expect when traveling thru the DQ, that the Borg are also out there looking for new species to assimilate.
Again. It's a quadrant. Not a continent.

The conduit in TNG only revealed a SINGLE POINT that belongs to the Borg. It could have been the tip of an iceberg that extends outside the galaxy, and/or to parts of the Beta and Gamma quadrants.

Why should we have assumed that their area of influence was confined to, and fully encompassing, the Delta Quadrant -- an area of space whose borders are defined by nothing but the result of dividing by four??

The only reason we assume the Dominion controls the entire Gamma Quadrant is because DS9 explicitly said so. Dominion space would most likely extend across the borders of the quadrant as well.

It's not a territory.

It's not a barrier.

It's two lines drawn with a ruler and measuring tape.
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