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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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a graphic isn't canon
If it appears on a view screen during the course of a episode, then it is canon.

At that point, for all we knew, the BOBW cube was the same cube as in QH, and it was the only one. At the end of BOBW, the Borg were "wrapped up" just as well as the planet killer was at the end of TDM: The threat is destroyed, and the crew is left hoping that's the last of them, but they're not sure... the end.
If the implication to the audience is that characters in the series are left unsure, then the writers are leaving us with the impression that it might not be the end. I know I for one was never left with the impression they were wrapped up due to that implication.

. Nobody said the Borg were spread all over the DQ, therefore there was no continuity obligation to encounter them there.
We shouldn't have to be told, we learned about conquers in history class. We know the Borg look for tech, people and information to grow and assimilate. How would you find all that if you didn't send your armies(cubes) out into space looking for it? So yes, one should expect when traveling thru the DQ, that the Borg are also out there looking for new species to assimilate.
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