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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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In "Descent" there's a screen readout on the Transwarp Conduit, and it says that it exits into the Delta Quadrant. As in, that's where it goes and Starfleet knows that's where the Borg are located. It's how they knew the Borg were there when they said so in FC.
First of all, a graphic isn't canon.

So, the conduit leads to the DQ, therefore the Borg are all clustered throughout the entire DQ? The other end of the conduit is, of course, in the AQ. So I guess that means they rule the AQ too?

All this tells us is that the Borg have a way of traveling between the AQ and DQ.

DS9 considered using the Borg as an enemy, having them come through the GQ wormhole. It was never established where the Borg had their major forces and base of operations until VOY.

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"And they did come back. BOBW could have easily been their last appearance."

Which wouldn't match up with what Guinan said about them in Q Who?
QH: Guinan says they're coming back.
BOBW: They come back, they are defeated.
The end.

At that point, for all we knew, the BOBW cube was the same cube as in QH, and it was the only one. At the end of BOBW, the Borg were "wrapped up" just as well as the planet killer was at the end of TDM: The threat is destroyed, and the crew is left hoping that's the last of them, but they're not sure... the end.

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The Dominion are an expansive aggressive group that managed to apparently take over most of their home Quadrant (DS9 keeps flip flopping on whether they really rule the GQ or not), the Borg are older and more powerful than them so it makes sense that they'd similarly rule the Delta Quadrant.
How did we know how old the Borg were? And you're sidestepping the point. Nobody said the Borg were spread all over the DQ, therefore there was no continuity obligation to encounter them there.

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The alternative would be for there to be other species in the DQ that can fight off the Borg and rival them for control of the DQ
Dude, it's a quadrant of the galaxy, not a continent. Nobody has to be in control, and if they are, there's no logical reason that the mathematical delimitation of quadrants would mark the borders of their influence.
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