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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Random conjecture isn't the same as Guinan and Q pretty much telling us the Borg are coming back.
And they did come back. BOBW could have easily been their last appearance, for the same reasons that Doomsday was the first and only appearance of planet killers.

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The Gamma Quadrant was one quarter the Galaxy, didn't stop DS9 from continually saying the Dominion ran most of it.
And...? What connection does that have to the Borg? Please explain the course of logic that lead you from "The Dominion run most of the Gamma Quadrant" to "The Borg run most of the Delta Quadrant". DS9 said A. TNG never said B.

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And TNG itself said that the Borg were from there in "Descent".
No, the Delta Quadrant wasn't even mentioned until FC.
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