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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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SPOCK: "I can't help wondering if there are any more of those [planet killers] wandering around the universe."

Random conjecture isn't the same as Guinan and Q pretty much telling us the Borg are coming back.

What are you talking about? How were any of those wrapped up?
They were never made out to be anything more than One-Shots to begin with. They were not expounded upon in their episodes the way the Borg were.

]The Delta Quadrant wasn't Borg Homeland any more than the Alpha Quadrant was the homeland of all of the above. Both of them are a quarter of the entire galaxy.
The Gamma Quadrant was one quarter the Galaxy, didn't stop DS9 from continually saying the Dominion ran most of it.

And TNG itself said that the Borg were from there in "Descent".

VOY was under no continuity obligation to have Voyager come across the Borg.
TNG said they were from there, and DS9 made out the Dominion (weaker than the Borg) to be the ruling power of the Gamma Quadrant. Put these together and you get the Borg ruling the majority of the Delta Quadrant, and thus VOY would run into them a lot for the entire show's run.

And they couldn't do anything creative like try and build a Delta Alliance to fight off the Borg, because that would violate the show's premise.
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